Windows Vista is now 15 years old!

January 31, 2022

Yesterday on January 30, 2022, Windows Vista officially became a 15 year old operating system, when it launched 15 years ago on January 30, 2007.

I have many memories of using Windows Vista back in the day on an HP G50 series laptop (it shipped with Windows Vista Home Basic).
Despite Vista being noted for its instability, I don't recall many (if any) system crashes occuring on it. We ended up using it on Windows Vista until late 2012, when we installed Windows 8 on it
(don't ask me why; probably just cause my parents wanted the newest Windows version at the time), and the laptop as a whole until 2014, when we replaced it with a newer (and slightly faster) Acer laptop.
I still like Windows Vista to this day despite it not having the best praise in its day, and I might still use it if I had the choice.

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